Apricus made a Stainless Steel cylinder that comes in both electric & gas boosted edition. It is available on 3 different storage tank capacity (160 L, 250 L & 315 L) which suits the hot water requirements of any household. Apricus 160 L, Apricus 250 L, & Apricus 315 L are totally made here in Australia to suit our distinctive climate and are ideal for near the sea location as they have no anode in the cylinder and they don’t rust. These Apricus Stainless Steel hot water systems are designed with the highest quality marine grade stainless steel and are accessible in both Bottom Element positioned tank as well as Mild Element positioned tank. Apricus Stainless Steel boosted tanks are highly reliable for having UV & corosion resistant polymer casing and are designed aesthetically pleasing to eye with a nice cream outer coating . Apricus Stainless Steels water heaters are suitable for limited/tight space  installations. They also come with manufacturer’s warranty on cylinder for 15 year and 1 year warranty on parts and labour.

Apricus Solar Water Heater Stainless  Steel  160 – Features:

  • Storage Capacity -> 170 Litres
  • Delivery Rate per Hour-> 160 Litres
  • Delivery at 50 Degree -> 265 Litres

Apricus Stainless Steel 250  – Features:

  • Storage Capacity -> 264 Litres
  • Delivery Rate per Hour -> 250 Litres
  • Delivery Rate at 50 Degree -> 415 Litres

Apricus Stainless Steel 315  – Features:

  • Storage Capacity -> 327 Litres
  • Delivery Rate per Hour -> 315 Litres
  • Delivery Rate at 50 Degree -> 513 Litres

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Small Rheemglas (25, 50, 80 & 125 Litres) :

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Large Rheemglas (160, 250, 315 & 400 Litres) :

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