Proflo Electric Hot Water

Dux Proflo Electric Water Heater range gives you a full flow pressure to all hot water taps. The range of Dux Proflo starts with 50 litre up to the biggest size of 400 Litre that will suits your demand.  These Dux Proflo hot water systems are made for tough condition with superior performance that can last for long time.

Small Electric Storage Features: (25 and 50 Litres)

  • With modern finish & trusted enamel coating to maximise tank life
  • Dual handed model with V-Fit connections to make installation easier (indoor and outdoor)
  • Built and designed in Australia to meet superior standard
  • Sufficient flow pressure to all taps
  • Assisted by a 5 year Dux warranty

Large Electric Storage Features: (80 up to 400 Litres):

  • Sufficient flow to all taps
  • Well made, durable polymer plates refuse reparation & dampness
  • Dual handed hot water system range
  • Built and designed in Australia to meet superior standard
  • Available in both single & twin element
  • With 7 year Dux warranty (include 1 year full parts and labour)

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Small Dux Proflo (25 and 50 Litres) :

Supply & install Dux Proflo

Large Dux Proflo (80 up to 400 Litres) :

Dux Proflo supplier and installer

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