Everhot Electric Storage Tanks

Everhot 315 electric hot water storage tanks are intended for use in family households. These Everhot 315 water heaters suit both indoor or outdoor installation and should be installed next to the most regularly used outlet. Water is heated and stored in an insulated tank for use when it is required. Offpeak heating is the most energy efficient and cost-effective tarriff for Everhot 315 hot water heaters. The Everhot 315 features an adjustable thermostat, which allows you to decide the most suitable temperature for your hot water needs. It is highly recommended that the Everhot 315 hot water system be installed by a licensed plumber to ensure the safety of the whole family, allowing them to enjoy scald-free showers.

Everhot Electric 315   – Features:

  • Cost-effective electrical storage water heater
  • Accessible with 3.6kw & 4.8kw heating elements
  • Hot Water Delivery Rating : 315L
  • Preliminary Storage Capacity : 324L
  • Recommended Sizing : 4-6 People Continuous Tariff : 2-4 People Off Peak Tariff
  • With 8 year warranty on cylinder
  • With 1 year warranty on spare parts
  • With 3 year warranty on labour

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Everhot Electric 315 (315 Litres) :

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