Rheem 24 & 27 Continuous Flow Gas Water Heater

You will never run out of hot water with the Rheem 24 & 27 Continuous Flow. The Rheem Continuous Flow hot water heater performs differently to the traditional storage hot water tank, in that it only heat ups water on demand rather than storing and heating hot water until you need it. Rheem Continuous Flow models are ideal for any location, especially for limited space areas, as they take up less space and height. As well as providing non-stop hot water and being compact in design, the Rheem Continuous Flow water heater also comes with up to 6.1 star energy rating, thereby helping you to save money on your energy bills.

Rheem 24 Continuous Flow – Features:

  • 6 Star energy efficiency – helps you save on gas bills
  • Gives you 24 litres of hot water per minute
  • Does not overheat due to its “Flamesafe” overheat protection
  • Ensures no fluctuations on hot water deliverance
  • Comes with optional remote temperature controller for safety
  • 50 Degree temperature pre-set models available
  • Available for both natural gas and propane
  • With 10 year warranty on heat exchanger

Rheem 27 Continuous Flow – Features:

  • 6.1 Star efficiency – good for saving money in energy costs
  • Provides rapid supply of hot water without fluctuations
  • Continuous hot water delivery of  27 litres per minute
  • Pre-set of 50 Degree temperature models available
  • With overheat protection “Flamesafe”
  • Remote temperature controller available option ready for safety
  • Compatible for solar system models
  • Avoids water wastage by reducing flow during start up
  • Natural gas & profane models available
  • With 10 year warranty on heat exchanger

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Rheem 24 & 27 Continuous Flow:

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