Hot Water System Repairs

Do you require immediate assistance for your hot water service or general hot water plumbing repairs? We can provide you with fast, effective expertise in electric and gas systems with 24/7, same-day service.

Our Plumbing Repairs Process:

  • Quote—we will ask questions about your hot water system and give you an accurate estimate of the repair cost over the phone.
  • Organise—when you make an appointment, our team will arrive on time and complete the repair in a timely fashion.
  • Complete—we’ll ensure the repair is complete and thorough with our expert team of repair technicians.

Our Plumbing Repair Team Work With:

  • Electric Systems—thermostats, elements and more.
  • Gas Systems—thermocouples, Unitrols, Piezo igniters and more.
  • Valves—temperature pressure relief valve, duo valve and more.
  • Instantaneous Gas—diaphragm kits, water governors, burners and more.

Hot water service common plumbing issues….

Faulty Thermostat

Your thermostat is a key part of the system. It works to ensure the water temperature stays at the level you determine. Failure takes many forms. It can simply stop working but this is easily diagnosed and fixed. However sometimes the thermostat can get stuck into a high setting. The result is that your water is almost scalding hot. It sounds nice until you get your gas bill.

Faulty Electricals 

If you have an electrical heating system, many things can go wrong. The simplest is a blow fuse or circuit breaker. More serious problems include burnt out heater elements. In such cases, water heater replacement is the only option.

Faulty Water Tank

This can be one of the more costly types of hot water system fix as replacement may well be needed. Tanks wear out over time due to corrosion and rusting. One of the earlier signs will be sediment forming at the bottom. This might impact its heating performance and also cause a bad smell. Other effects of sediment can be a popping or high-pitched whining noise from the tank. If you experience any of these symptoms, get on the phone to us immediately.

When your hot water service is acting up or you need urgent plumbing repairs – please call us.

We are available to Sydney residents on a 24/7 basis.

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